White River Electric is a consumer owned, non profit electric distribution cooperative. White River serves Eastern Rio Blanco County, including the Town of Meeker and the Piceance Creek Basin, portions of Northern Garfield County and Southern Moffat County. White River Electric headquarters are located in Meeker, Colorado.


WREA offices are open for your convenience from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (except holidays).  

Colowyo Mine opens Comment Period for most recent project- The Collom Mine

The Environmental Assessment (EA) comment period opened for Colowyo's most recent project- The Collom Mine.  The comment period opened on January 19th and will close on February 12th.  Community Meetings will be held for public comment in Craig on January 27th and in Meeker on Feb 5th.  


Visit www.SupportNorthwestColorado.com to let your voice be heard.  


Via Tri-State Generation and Transmission regarding the       Collom Mine:

"Tri-State and Colowyo are proposing to develop leased coal reserves in Moffat County, adjacent to the mine’s existing operations. To access these leases, Colowyo must obtain a mine plan from the Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE), which is required by law to conduct an Environmental Analysis (EA). OSMRE is near completion of the Draft EA and plans to take public comment on it for a 30-day period that begins this Tuesday, Jan 19. Tri-State and Colowyo will be supporting Alternative B in the EA and, if it this approach is approved, we will be able to continue supplying clean, reliable, low-cost fuel for electricity generation and Colowyo’s 220 mine jobs and economic impacts will continue to support Rio Blanco County and the communities of Northwest Colorado.


When it comes to responsible energy production, all of us in Northwest Colorado share the same goal: to protect our environment, our livelihood and our community. Right now, there is a great opportunity to reinforce these goals and by supporting the Colowyo Mine as it moves into the next phase of its development. We need your help!"


 Tri-State G&T and Colowyo Mine, in conjunction with local talent, produced the following "We Can" videos in support of  NW Colorado mining.  


https://youtu.be/M2po2JrGfuk - We Can Stories 
https://youtu.be/SItGjHy9LrM - We Can Sustain 
https://youtu.be/0XAKtTXuBQs  - We Can Power Our Future 

Colorado Country Life ~ February, 2016

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~ Construction Update ~

White River Electric would like to thank the membership for their patience and support as the headquarter remodel project gets underway. The remodel is necessary to repair damage caused by a broken pipe that flooded the office building on January 1, 2015.  Last year on New Year’s Day management discovered four to six inches of standing water throughout areas of the main office.  Following cleanup, WREA began to assess the damage and the future of the building. While the building was deemed structurally sound, the damage warranted a comprehensive remodel.  WREA has utilized the current office space as its headquarters since the 1960’s.  Specific areas of the original structure have been updated throughout the years with the recent addition in 2007 of the Boardroom and office on the second floor. 


With the help of an architect and input from all of the WREA employees, plans to reconfigure the business office began last fall.  Throughout this process, WREA has maintained the goal of creating a headquarters that members and the community can utilize and be proud of for years to come, including an update to Kilowatt Korner.  


The old adage of “one step forward, two steps back” proved true.  Because of its age, the building required structural analysis, asbestos testing and architectural planning.  WREA held the construction bid process for commercial contractors in November, and contractor review and selection is in its final stages.  The relocation of staff, asbestos abatement, and internal demolition is nearly complete and full construction is expected to begin in February.  The project is estimated to take six months. 


WREA General Manager, Alan Michalewicz says he has always been impressed with WREA’s  ‘whatever it takes to get the job done’ attitude.  “The employees and members have been amazing.  Everyone jumped in to help after the flood and during the planning process.  The employees have been moved around, inconvenienced and lived with the water damage since the day of the flood, but everyone has been great”, said Michalewicz. 


Board President, Bill Jordan, said, “The staff and board worked hard to make sure this was a necessary project. We wanted to ensure that we were in a financial position to take it on and do it right. This is an investment in our future.” 


“Construction projects take time and patience. WREA will work to keep its members updated on the project and appreciates everyone’s cooperation. Most importantly, WREA looks forward to hosting an open house later this year to welcome the membership to their remodeled headquarters.”


For the duration of the construction, the business office will be located at 668 Market Street (on the corner of 7th and Market Street), across from the Meeker Chamber of Commerce.  WREA encourages all members to use the 7th Street door and parking area. Please call WREA with any comments or questions about the remodel. 

Colorado Country Life ~ January, 2016

Click on the link below for the online version of the popular Colorado Country Life Magazine for January, 2016.  Happy New Year!



WREA Looks to Develop the Meeker Solar Garden 

White River Electric Association, Inc., is pleased to announce that it is in the final stages of developing the WREA Meeker Solar Garden. Increased efficiencies in solar technology and declining construction costs made this an opportune time for WREA to build Meeker’s first solar garden.   White River Electric is excited to join forces with the Meeker School District on the project since the Solar Garden will be located on land leased from the School District at the corner of Bob Tucker Drive and School Street (the old swimming pool lot). The WREA Meeker Solar Garden’s primary purpose will be to generate cost-effective electricity for the benefit of the WREA membership.  In addition, it will also be used as an educational resource for the Meeker School District and a portion of the output from the panels will be allocated to the School District in exchange for the lease of the property, which will result in a corresponding reduction in the school’s electric bill.


The project requires a variance from the Town of Meeker and was examined by the Planning Commission on Monday, November 9, 2015, and will be presented to the Town of Meeker Board of Trustees on November 17, 2015.  The proposed WREA site will be a 100 kW solar garden with approximately 398 panels.  WREA will own, operate and fence the Solar Garden.  Remaining available panels will be leased to members on an annual basis. Each leased panel’s solar production will be used to offset the leasing member’s electric bill.  WREA believes that the Solar Garden is a fiscally responsible project that provides members with access to affordable, local, renewable energy.


Subject to Town of Meeker approvals, WREA plans to begin construction on the solar garden before the end of the year with panels available for members to lease by next spring.  Specific details of the Meeker Solar Garden will be available by the end of the year with plans to advertise the solar panel leasing program in February 2016.  Please call WREA with questions at 970-878-5041.


WREA Offers Electric Rebates to Members

Don't miss the opportunity to put money in your pocket with WREA's rebates on qualifying appliances and LED light bulbs.
White River Electric is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative. Touchstone Energy is a national alliance of local consumer-owned electric cooperatives.