Oftentimes, our plumbing smells. We do not mean that your pipes are leaking or your toilet is not flushing right. We are talking about the literal thing. Your plumbing often simply stinks. It often even smells extremely bad. There are several reasons why stinky plumbing issues occur. Some of the reasons are obvious, others are not. No matter the reason, nobody should have to deal with smelly plumbing issues.  

Here are a couple of common reasons for smelly Plumbing San Angelo issues: 

You’ve Got Build-Up of Biofilm 

The reason can be buildup of biofilm if your shower drain is smelly. Over time, the collection of waste from shower products such as creams, soap, shampoo, or oil can become a residue known as “biofilm”. Natural bacteria will start to stick to and feed on it whenever biofilm gathers in the drain. Bacteria is the cause of that foul smell. 

Luckily, you can easily get rid of biofilm. All you’ve got to do is get rid of the built-up with the use of natural cleaner. Pour 5 up to 10 cups of warm water down the drain. Then, pour a mixture of half a cup of baking soda and 1 cup of white vinegar. Let it stay for 2 hours. After that, you can rinse the drain using hot water. This should clear out the biofilm and get rid of the smell. 

You’ve Got P-Trap Issues 

The “u” or “p”-shaped part of pipe found beneath showers, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures is called the p-trap. It contains enough water to avoid smells and sewer gas from coming out and up of your drain.  

The p-traps can dry out if you do not use any of your toilets or showers too often. Foul sewer gases can rise up through the pipes without enough water in the p-traps to block it. To fix the issue, all you’ve got to do is to regularly cycle water through the fixtures.  

You’ve Got To Clean Your Garbage Disposal 

People throw all sorts of things into the garbage disposal. That is not really an issue. Of course, that is its purpose after all. However, over time, debris can accumulate on the inside of garbage disposals without regular maintenance and cleaning. The food waste that might stick to the inside of your disposal might produce a foul odor.  

There are a lot of various methods to clean the garbage disposal. However, whenever you clean it, you’ve got to ensure that it is not plugged in. 

There Are Breach Issues in the Sewer Line 

All types of things can damage the sewer line. The line itself can sink into the ground because of split and soil conditions. Tree roots can grow through the line. Clogs can accumulate until the pressure forces the line to burst. Of course, sewage will leak if your sewer line is broken. Sewage does not smell nice.  

When it comes to this kind of issue, it is best to leave it to the professionals since it requires proper knowledge and tools to be fixed.